An Unexpected Surprise

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It’s stories like Krista Hattle's that inspire us to create communities like Treetops. As construction ramps up and families begin moving in to their new homes, those stories begin to emerge.

A week shy of her due date, Krista visited us at the Treetops Presentation Centre. What transpired was life altering. Krista tells it best:

An Unexpected Surprise

Treetops: Can you explain the events that happened on the day in question?

Krista: On the Saturday of the new release at Treetops (October 5th), my husband had to work. Since I was a week away from my due date and feeling very pregnant and uncomfortable, I asked my dad to come with me. My husband and I had been waiting for the new release for months and I didn't want to miss out no matter how I was feeling.

I ended up putting a homesite on hold that day and we signed the agreement four days later on the evening before I had our baby. She was born the next morning on October 10th at 9:58 a.m.

A representative from Orchard Ridge Homes saw me at the Presentation Centre on the day of the new release and noticed how pregnant and uncomfortable I looked. I think she must have been impressed by my commitment to finding a new home at Treetops when I looked like I was ready to go into labour at any moment! She told the owner of the Sorbara Group [Orchard Ridge’s parent company] about us and we were later told he wanted to give us a savings bond in the baby's name!

What initially drew you to Treetops?

We were drawn to Treetops because we liked the idea of a master-planned community with parks and trails to keep our family active. We liked that Treetops was working with quality builders who we would feel confident purchasing a new home from. It's also important to us that there are a lot of other families like us with young children in our neighbourhood.

When will you be moving into your new Treetops home?

We will be moving into our new home in August 2014.

How does it make you feel that Orchard Ridge offered a savings bond for your child?

We were very surprised when we were told that Orchard Ridge was offering us a savings bond for our new baby. We feel honoured that they took the time to recognize our family with such a generous gift.
What will you be using the savings bond for?

The savings bond is a $1,000 ten-year bond. Once the bond matures we plan on investing it in Alexa's educational savings plan.

How is the baby doing?

The baby is doing great. We named her Alexa Christina. She has been a really good baby so far – thank goodness because she has an energetic two and a half year old brother who keeps us busy!

An Unexpected Surprise

Thanks for sharing your story, Krista!

Stories are what help bind us together and inspire the creation of communities like Treetops, and we love when homebuyers share stories about how we've helped enrich their lives.

Do you have an interesting story about Treetops? We’d love to hear it! Submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.." target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Welcome to the neighbourhood, everyone, and thanks for sharing your stories!

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